June 2017: A wonderful note from one of our top AIT Afghani students

This week we received a touching email from one of our top AIT Afghani students, from our Afghanistan Water Resources Management project.

“By writing this email, I would like to gratefully thank you for successfully organizing this project and for all your supports, considerations and assistance provided to us during this period. I will always remember those days that I had sent my request for studying the joint degree program.

I was very honored to be able to accomplish my master’s degree studies within this project.
Being a part of this project and finishing my master’s degree studies opened new horizons of hope into my life and made me more motivated and goal oriented to achieve my dreams. Currently, my initial plan is to return to my country and to help Herat Engineering Faculty for establishing a new department related to water engineering.
Thank you again for all your cooperation and assistances with us during this time. It would be my honor to be in touch with you and to have your valuable pieces of advice during my future career.

Best regards,