October 2013: Working with the Ghana Audit Service to Institutionalize and Build Capacity in Financial Audit

Cowater International has successfully completed the first phase of the German Development Bank (KfW) funded Capacity Building of the Ghana Audit Service (GAS) Project. With a view to foster and build regional partnerships and collaboration, Cowater has partnered with the African Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions in English-Speaking Africa (AFROSAI-E) and the National Audit Office of the UK to deliver a comprehensive financial audit training programme to over 1000 auditors in Ghana.

Cowater’s overall objective is to assist the GAS in implementing a risk-based financial audit methodology and manual and to ensure the audit staff are able to use the manual while performing their audit tasks. Overall the project is looking to increase accountability and transparency within the government by strengthening the capacity of the GAS to perform risk-based audits of the government’s accounts in accordance to international standards.

A key pillar of success to the project has been to ensure the sustainability of the capacity built in the area of financial audit. Cowater has solicited the participation, in each of the training sessions, of a core group of GAS trained trainers. This group has taken an active role in assisting the trainees with classroom exercises and case-studies while at the same time building their teaching abilities to continue institutionalizing the new audit approaches after the completion of the project.

Cory Leblanc, C.A., M.A., B.B.A. – Project Officer, Public Financial Management and Accountability Group