Per Unheim, M.Sc, M.A

Director of Strategic Initiatives

As Director of Strategic Initiatives and in partnership with the senior management team, Mr. Unheim focuses on the development and execution of specific plans, projects and corporate initiatives that support the diversification of Cowater’s client base and geographic footprint, facilitate the achievement of innovative results, and generate thought leadership. At the same time, Mr. Unheim serves as a Project Director within Cowater’s Local Governance and Economic Development division, where he concentrates on the design and management of projects aiming to improve public service delivery, strengthen local government institutions and stimulate inclusive growth in contexts such as South Sudan, Indonesia, Nepal and Mozambique. A Cowater employee since 2007, Mr. Unheim’s professional experience is reinforced by graduate degrees in Public Management & Governance as well as International Affairs from the London School of Economics and Ottawa’s Carleton University, respectively. He is able to work effectively both in English and French and has worked in or visited nearly 50 countries around the world.