Canadian Headquarters:

275 Slater Street, Suite 1600
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Montréal Office:

1111 rue St. Charles Ouest, Bureau 700
Longueuil, QC, Canada

Public Financial Management and Revenue Mobilization

Strong government financial management systems are crucial to ensure sound financing and management of public services and investments.  CowaterSogema has been working in this area for more than three decades, assisting governments worldwide to strengthen public resource management and broaden the revenue base to ensure the tax system can be a lever for economic development, reduce inequalities and improve the quality of life of citizens.

Service Areas:

  • Tax reform including tax administration, tax policy and re-engineering of tax administration processes and strengthening of business units,
  • Implementation and deployment of tax administration software – computerization of business processes with SIGTAS tax administration software;
  • Budgetary reform and introduction of key elements of modernization including activity and performance-based multi-year budgeting, integrated and standardized classification, integration of operating, investment and transfer budgets etc.
  • Diagnosis of government financial systems and assistance in the selection of government financial and accounting software
  • Training and capacity building on all aspects public financial management reform
    Diagnosis of government financial management and comptrollership systems

CowaterSogema, in collaboration with Sogema Technologies, offers a unique integrated solution, which combines consulting services with a world class tax administration system.  The the CowaterSogema suite of services enables governments to put in place the public expenditure management structures and processes that generate results to achieve their strategic objectives.