Canadian Headquarters:

275 Slater Street, Suite 1600
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Montréal Office:

1111 rue St. Charles Ouest, Bureau 700
Longueuil, QC, Canada

Natural Resources & Energy

CowaterSogema works with its clients to develop and implement sound integrated natural resources management plans and initiatives for communities, government and industry. Working with stakeholders, we facilitate the development of policies, plans and programs to better manage natural resources and promote effective and sustainable investments in renewable energy sources. Our goal is to improve stakeholder decision-making and promote sustainable use of natural resources and energy in a cost-effective and realistic manner and to enable economic growth and development.


  • Institutional development of national, subnational and local natural resource plans, management, and regulations
  • Development and implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency policies
  • Design and implementation of renewable energy programs in solar, wind, biomass, and hydro
  • Micro-grid solar systems for off-grid communities and households
  • Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) renewable energy program development
  • Solar-powered water point construction
  • National and trans-boundary integrated water resources management