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Audit360:  More effective and efficient public sector auditing

20151026 - Audit 360 bulleted list (hi-res)Audit360, CowaterSogema’s proprietary software, provides public sector audit institutions with an unmatched ability to automate their audit workflow, management and execution processes, enabling access to timely and relevant audit information. Comprising a web-based interface and integrated suite of modules, Audit360 is a highly customizable, comprehensive information management system specifically designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness of public sector audit agencies.

Audit360:  Working for you

Audit360 supports and compels audit teams to adopt a structured risk-based audit approach and ensure strict adherence to best practices, domestic standards, international norms and national priorities. Adaptable and customizable, it automates the entire audit workflow including, planning, team management and scheduling, field work, reporting and follow-up, all critical to effective audit mandates.

Audit360:  Enhanced information management and decision making

Enables Governments, Supreme Audit Institutions and key public investment stakeholders to exercise a 360 degree view of audits, and supports consistent and structured audit reporting which facilitates the crucial audit follow-up process through tracking outstanding audit recommendations. These functionalities can be deployed at multiple levels to ensure that leaders can effectively monitor a government’s efforts to address key challenges at all levels of government.

Audit360:  In practice

Successfully implemented in multiple SAIs, including Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal and praised for improving their audit operations by the Government of Canada and the World Bank.

Audit360 Functions and Modules