Water Smart Homes Activity – Social, Outreach and Engineering Services

Middle East and North Africa — Jordan

Client: Millennium Challenge Account - Jordan

Overall objective of this project is to improve the condition of home water systems and decrease costs that households incur to satisfy their water needs.  This goal will be reached through two components – a social outreach campaign and the administration of the Infrastructure Works.  The outreach campaign will work to educate the general public in Zarqa and to encourage behavioural changes.  Cowater in association with Near East Electromechanical Inc. (Jordan), Development Alternatives Inc. (Jordan), and Water and sanitation for the Urban Poor (WUSP, UK) will achieve the desired outcomes through physical replacement and repair of in-home water and wastewater systems.  Cowater’s role on the infrastructure works includes supervision and oversight on the works implemented by the Construction Contractor.

Cowater is responsible for the overall management, design and implementation of an awareness and outreach campaign and oversight of infrastructure improvements. Specifically, the outreach campaign will promote adoption of residential water best management practices to maintain water quality and quantity within households, with particular focus on low income households. It will include information on how to keep water safe during storage and use, and how to use water efficiently. Awareness of the relationship between unsafe water and health will also be communicated.   Moreover, the campaign will also address the public’s perceptions of the provision of water and wastewater services. Management of the infrastructure component will ensure that improvements result in permanent water quality and quantity benefits within target households and, by example and duplication, in neighboring households.