Build a Better Tomorrow with CowaterSogema

At CowaterSogema, we recognize our strength is our people and it takes an entire team to deliver the project management and implementation excellence of the CowaterSogema brand.  We work hard and brainstorm and innovate constantly to generate new ways of doing things.  We also laugh and have fun  – a lot. This keeps us creative while delivering sustainable results to our clients, partners, and beneficiaries.

Our culture

Embrace the Adventure

Be curious, ask for help, and demonstrate an ability to grow and be a leader in your field. Bring creativity, enthusiasm and optimism to the office.

Champion the Mission

Our goal is simple.  We want to build a better tomorrow. Our success depends on our people. You have a role to play in guiding and leading the success.

Learn from the Best

Our philosophy is to continually learn.  It doesn’t matter whether you have two years or thirty years behind you.  Within your team, across departments, new sectors, new country, up, down, and sideways – there is always something new to learn.

Be the Best

Over the last 30 plus years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with the world’s top international development experts across all our service lines. We seek to attract and create industry leaders.  We want the best.  Be the best with us.

Location Type Position
Africa, Asia, the Americas & the Caribbean Consultants, short-term Pool of Experts – Trade and Development Apply Now
Asia-Pacific Region & Canada Consultants, short-term Canadian Trade and Investment Facility for Development – Pool of Experts Apply Now
Jordan Field Staff, Short-Term Short Term IT Systems Integration Specialist Apply Now
Nigeria Field Staff, Full-Time Tax Expenditure Expert / Expert en dépenses fiscales Apply Now
Ottawa Ottawa Office, Full-Time Administrative Assistant Apply Now