August 2016: First iPad Mini 4 Winner Announced in Barbados

Left to right: Dr. John Mwansa (General Manager of BWA, Ms. Yvette Collins (wife), Mr. Hallum Collins (prize-winner), David McCartney (Cowater’s Team Leader

Left to right: Dr. John Mwansa (General Manager of BWA), Ms. Yvette Collins (Mr. Hallum’s wife), Mr. Hallum Collins (prize-winner), David McCartney (Cowater’s Team Leader)

Today, Cowater and the Barbados Water Authority presented Mr. Hallum Collins with the first of five iPad mini 4s as part of a prize draw to thank customers for their participation in a survey to update BWA’s customer database.

Cowater International Inc and the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) are pleased to announce the winner of this month’s draw for an iPad, which is being provided as part of the Customer Survey program currently underway. Mr. Hallum Collins of St. James parish was drawn from a list of eligible customers who had recently completed their customer survey, and was on hand today to accept the new iPad, which was awarded by a representative of Cowater International (Mr. David McCartney) and of the BWA (Dr. John Mwansa).


Cowater International Inc. – in association with Sogema Technologies Inc. and supported by the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and Export Development Canada (EDC), has been selected to manage the Barbados Water Authority’s (BWA) Smart Meter Business Transformation project. This project also forms part of a broader modernization program which includes the acquisition and installation of 98,800 household water Smart Meters.


This is an important country-wide initiative that will support improvements to overall customer service through increased options for customers to access information regarding their water usage and water bills, an improved ability to identify leaks and broken water meters, and increased transparency for customers of the BWA.


As part of this project the BWA is implementing a new Customer Information System (CIS) which will result in the following key benefits:

  • Faster response times to customer requests
  • New Water bills that are more accurate, timely, and easier to understand
  • A wider range of bill payment options
  • Ability to tailor services to the specific needs of each consumer
  • Improved access to information to improve decision-making and communication


In an effort to use this new technology to better serve its customers, BWA needs to update the current customer database. Customers are being contacted by representatives of the BWA to assist in updating their information through door to door surveys, information kiosks in public locations, and inserts to existing customer bills.


For more information on the “Smart Meter Business Transformation Project”, please see .