April 2013: Cowater Selected by KfW to Strengthen the Ghana Audit Service

Cowater International Inc. is pleased to announce this recently signed contract funded by KfW Entwichlungsbank (KfW Development Bank) to support the Ghana Audit Service (GAS).

Cowater will lead this project providing capacity development support to strengthen the capacity of the Ghana Audit Service to be able to perform their constitutional mandate with the aim of enhancing accountability. Specific project activities include: development of financial audit training courses and material; development of in-house capacity by training a core group of financial audit trainers and subject matter experts; delivery of training to GAS field auditors in Accra and at the regional Offices; and provision of training on Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs) software to GAS financial audit trainers/experts.

This new project is another example of Cowater’s unmatched expertise and experience in strengthening Supreme Audit Institutions worldwide.

Cowater’s Public Financial Management and Accountability Group will be managing this project.