March 2012: Cowater Promotes Flush Tank and Haul System at Assembly of First Nations National Water Conference Tradeshow in Edmonton.

Cowater’s patented, proprietary Flush Tank and Haul® (FTH) System brings low-cost sanitation services to under-serviced First Nations communities.  Our system was designed to bring quality sanitation services to homeowners, health clinics and businesses in remote communities.

The Flush Tank and Haul® System is a “miniaturized” sewage system which includes the sewage haul system as well as the household installations.  Instead of using large tanker trucks to haul the sewage and wastewater, our system uses small vehicles like ATVs and snowmobiles to pull small haul tanks mounted on trailers or sleds.  At the house, the sewage and wastewater are stored in holding tanks outside the home.  The in-house systems emphasize low water-use fixtures – especially the toilet, which uses an average of one pint per flush.  The resulting system provides a high level of service while at the same time using technology and equipment within the capacity of small, remote communities to operate and maintain.