August 2014: Cowater Launches Local Governance and Economic Development Practice

David Baron, Cowater CEO, announces that Cowater has officially renamed its former Municipal Services and Enterprise (MSE) division as the firm’s Local Governance and Economic Development Group (LGED). “It was time for the name of this division to be more in line with the exciting work we are doing on the ground while also speaking to the priorities of both our clients and our counterparts,” notes Mr. Baron. The group had traditionally focused its efforts primarily on improving the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of urban service delivery by municipalities. Over the last several years, however, the group’s service lines expanded to encompass a range of technical assistance services linked to broader good local governance objectives and to building strong enabling environments for economic growth. As a result, a change in name was needed to ensure that it reflected the group’s increased reach and scope. Looking to the near future, Cowater’s LGED group is set to become even more deeply engaged in major efforts to promote not only good local governance but also sustainable, job-creating growth in developing and emerging market countries such as Indonesia and Mozambique.