June 2011: Cowater Awarded $6.4M Project to Improve Water Supply and Sanitation in Mozambique

The Canadian International Development Agency recently awarded Cowater a new five-year contract to manage and implement a large water supply and sanitation project in Inhambane Province of Mozambique. The project will improve the quality of life, health, social and living conditions of the rural population in Inhambane province through the provision of sustainable water supply and sanitation services. The focus of the project is to support the Government of Mozambique in fulfilling their role in providing sustainable water supply and sanitation services to communities and small rural towns using the demand-responsive approach. Along with the public health investments required to increase access to potable water and sanitation services, the project will support efforts geared toward improving the capacity of the Government of Mozambique to design and manage these investments. These efforts will include, among other things, financial management, procurement and supervision of engineering works at the provincial and district levels, as well as support in undertaking environmental assessments and monitoring environmental effects of the project.

This recent contract builds upon Cowater’s longstanding presence in and commitment to development activities in Mozambique.