October 2012: CIDA Awards Cowater New $2 Million Contract in Tanzania

Cowater recently signed a contract with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to manage and implement the “Support to the Ethics Secretariat” project in Tanzania. The Ethics Secretariat, based in the President’s Office, plays an important role in implementing the Government of Tanzania’s strategy to combat corruption, and is charged with overseeing the ethical conduct of public leaders including senior civil servants, judges and politicians, as defined in the Public Leadership Code of Ethics Act. The Ethics Secretariat is organized into three main operational areas: enforcement, prevention and public awareness.

Funded by the Government of Canada, this new $2 million dollar project will, over its 3-year lifespan, contribute to improved service delivery and public sector ethics promotion by the Secretariat; encourage the open discussion and enhancement of ethical conduct, transparency and accountability by Tanzania’s leaders; and raise public awareness of the Public Leadership Code of Ethics.