August 2010: CIDA Awards Cowater Multi-Year Contract in Indonesia

Cowater, in partnership with World University Service of Canada (WUSC), recently signed a new, six-year contract with CIDA to implement the “Local Leadership for Development” (LLD) project in Indonesia. Under this contract, the Government of Canada is providing 13 million dollars to support democratic governance and enhance participation of civil society actors in decision-making processes at the local level by strengthening and expanding the outreach functions of several Islamic institutions of higher learning.  LLD will focus on two institutions: Alahuddin-Makassar State Islamic University (UIN Makassar) and Sunan Ampel-Surabaya State Islamic Institution (IAIN Surabaya). UIN Makassar is located in South Sulawesi, while IAIN Surabaya is a key institution in East Java.  The overall project goal is to improve the capacity of government and civil society to develop and implement policies and programs that are consistent with democratic governance principles and in support of decentralized service delivery. In terms of outcomes for the project, this initiative will build the capacity of UIN/IAIN community outreach functions with local communities, as well as the capacity of the Ministry of Religious Affairs in order to effectively integrate democratic governance practices and issues in their strategies, programs and budgets.