January 2013: Auditor General of Bangladesh Welcomed to Cowater

As part of the ongoing CIDA-funded “Strengthening Comptrollership and Oversight of Public Expenditures” (SCOPE) project in Bangladesh, the Honourable Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh – Mr. Ahmed Hakeem – paid a visit to Cowater’s headquarters in Ottawa in early January. His visit to Canada also included meetings with his Canadian counterparts at three distinct levels of government – the Auditor General of Canada; the Auditor General of Ontario, and the Auditor General of the City of Ottawa. Funded by the Government of Canada, Cowater has been managing and implementing this large project in Bangladesh since 2008.

Accompanied by Mr. Jashim Uddin, SCOPE Project Director in Bangladesh, Mr. Hakeem also visited CIDA and CCAF.