June 2011: Asian Development Bank Awards Cowater a Two-Year Audit Strengthening Contract in Bhutan

Cowater recently signed a contract with the Asian Development Bank, and will soon commence work with the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) of Bhutan to strengthen audit resource management in the Kingdom. The main objective of the assignment is to help the RAA design and install an in-house customized audit resource management system (ARMIS). Cowater’s team of consultants will lead the system analysis; recommend a strategic design of the ARMIS; lead the RAA IT team in programming the ARMIS; design and impart a training program on the system; and supervise testing, piloting and user acceptance tests. In addition, Cowater’s consultants will help the RAA to conduct a business process re-engineering review of audit policies and procedures, and of internal systems. This two-year project represents Cowater’s third public sector auditing assignment in Bhutan.